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Jinan DIAN and "Distinctive Expert" Guard Your Health Together
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As one of the key characteristic departments of DIAN, DIAN Pathology has been undertaking and helping solve the pathological diagnosis for the primary hospitals in the country with the top expert resources, high-quality hardware equipment and comprehensive quality control system, and strengthening advanced pathological diagnosis for the difficult cases and complex diseases with strong specialty feature. It has set up research institute in the United States and South Korea through cooperation and established a number of international high-end consultation platforms, to fundamentally enhance the quality of pathological diagnosis and medical level in China. To further guarantee the quality of diagnosis and build pathology diagnosis centers with quality assurance and first-class service, we continuously introduce experts and strengthen the industry exchanges and cooperation to create better diagnostic and consultation platforms.


Recently, Jinan DIAN had good news: Engagement of Wang Jiayao, former Director of Department of Pathology, Shandong Provincial Hospital and Gui Kailing, former Director of Department of Pathology, The 456th Hospital of PLA as the "Distinctive Pathologist". And Prof. Wang Jiaoyao was awarded the "Jinan DIAN Chief Pathologist" and "Tenured Pathology Professor".


Zhou Ye, General Manger of Jinan DIAN, Han Min, Deputy General Manager of Administration and responsible persons of all departments attended the engagement ceremony. General Manager Zhou Ye made detailed introduction to the expertise and outstanding contribution of the two experts in the pathological diagnosis, and said that the engagement of the two experts would further promote the continual update of the pathological technologies and comprehensive improvement of the diagnostic level, making the development of disciplines in Jinan DIAN more powerful. In the future, Jinan DIAN will give full play to the advantages of technology and personnel, and protect the health of the people in Jinan and even Shandong Province with more professional services!

Wang Jiayao, former Director of Department of Pathology, Shandong Provincial Hospital, engaged in clinical pathology diagnosis, teaching and research for more than 40 years, proficient in clinical pathology diagnosis theoretical knowledge, has a wealth of experience in pathology diagnosis, good at tumor pathological diagnosis, especially the pathological diagnosis for orthopedic and soft tissue, endocrine, lymphatic hematopoietic system and other systemic tumor. Engaged by Jinan DIAN this time as academic leader, responsible for department construction, consultation and teaching work.


Gui Kailing, served in the former Chongqing Air Force Hospital and Jinan Air Force Hospital, engaged in pathological work for 42 years, published more than 10 academic papers, participated in the military, national and Asia-Pacific academic conferences for 17 times, won two military scientific and technological progress second prizes and one fourth prize. Engaged by Jinan DIAN this time as "Jinan DIAN Pathologist, responsible for the routine tissue pathological reading work




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