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Industry Big Shots Gathered in Shenyang, Just for Precision Medical Treatment!
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The "Second Northeast Hepatology Summit" sponsored by Liaoning Medical Association and organized by Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University was held in Shenyang recently. Shenyang DIAN participated in the meeting as the support unit.

The meeting invited Prof. Jia Jidong of Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University, former Director of Chinese Medical Association Hepatology Branch, Prof. Xu Xiaoyuan of Department of Infectious Diseases, Peking University First Hospital and Alternate Director Member of Chinese Medical Association Hepatology Branch, Prof. Li Tiisheng of Infectious Internal Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Alternate Director Member of Chinese Medical Association Infectious Disease Branch, Prof. Dou Xiaoguang of Department of Infectious Diseases, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University and Deputy Director of Chinese Medical Association Hepatology Branch and other domestic famous experts in hepatology and infectious diseases presented special reports at the meeting. More than 400 infectious subject experts and representatives from the three northeastern provinces attended the meeting.


The forum focused on the development status of hepatology research, clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas, future new therapy for the cure of hepatitis B and hepatology diagnosis new models, with clear theme and diverse forms, extensive and in-depth content arrangement, and closely linked to the clinical, to provide a comprehensive learning platform for the clinical frontline physicians, aiming to help clinicians diagnose, treat and assess the disease, determine the prognosis, so as to make early prevention and control.


Through booth presentation, on-site introduction, explanation, etc. DIAN introduced its advanced testing and diagnostic technology to the participants, and provided professional technical solutions to the insiders, receiving unanimous applause. As the leader and promoter of innovative medical diagnostic technology in the industry, DIAN closely follows the development of new technologies at home and abroad, especially the diagnostic testing technologies on infectious diseases. It also assists the hospital infection departments to complete the differential diagnosis of fever diseases, guide the rational application of antibiotics, make effective control of immunodeficiency patients from secondary infection, guide the treatment of various bacteria, fungi and viral diseases and other hospital infection diagnosis and treatment to meet the multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment needs of fever clinic, gastro-intestinal clinic, hepatitis clinic, tuberculosis clinic, ICU, oncology, hematology, nosocomial infection control and others. The comprehensive infection diagnosis and treatment items can greatly promote the hospital to advance towards the accomplishment of individualized medical care and precision medical.

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