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Striving for "A World without Tuberculosis" Together
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2017 National Tuberculosis Academic Workshop sponsored by Chinese Medical Association Tuberculosis Branch was grandly held in Xiamen. It happened to be the 80th anniversary since the foundation of the Tuberculosis Branch. More than 2,100 experts and scholars in the field of tuberculosis clinical, prevention and basic research from the whole country participated in this meeting. As the first public listed third-party independent medical laboratory in China, DIAN was invited to participate in this workshop.

The meeting focused on "Tuberculosis prevention and control, inheritance and innovation" as the theme, with the contents involving clinical diagnosis and treatment, basic research, prevention and control, etc. Gao Wen, Director Member of the 16th Session of the Committee said at the meeting that, China's tuberculosis control has achieved remarkable results, but still faces huge challenges. The number of tuberculosis incidence is still high, the drug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic has not yet been effectively curbed, and there is still a long way to go in the national TB prevention and control work.

To facilitate academic exchange, DIAN specifically set booth at the entrance of the main venue of this grand event. With the "New generation of tuberculosis diagnosis total solution", DIAN had detailed communication, consultation, exchange of thinking and views with the participating tuberculosis experts and scholars on IGRAs, Xpert MTB/RIF and other diagnostic projects, and especially expressed high recognition for tuberculosis drug testing and other new projects.

In the course of more than 20 years of development, DIAN has actively cooperated with the national TB prevention and control policy planning, insisted on taking the introduction and promotion of tuberculosis, hepatitis and other infectious disease diagnosis new projects and new technologies as an important development goal, and introduced advanced testing equipment and reagents at home and abroad according to clinical needs at multiple levels, fully leveraged its own service network advantages and logistics system, and constantly improved the TB test projects and enhanced the level of diagnostic services, to facilitate the vigorous development of China's TB prevention and control cause, and strive for fulfilling "No tuberculosis in the world" proposed by WHO.


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