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Anhui Tongling Municipal Party Committee Leader and his Party Visited the Gene Town, and Signed a Number of Strategic Cooperation Projects
Time:2017-06-26   View:1252次

On the afternoonof June 23, Li Meng, Party Secretary of Tongling City, Anhui Province, Wu Jin,Member of Municipal Standing Committee and Minister ofOrganization, Xiao Lingping, Director of the Municipal Investment PromotionBureau, Li Yungqun, Director of Municipal Health and Family Planning Commissionand the other leaders visited Medical Call, gene town and DIAN DiagnosticsIndustry base accompanied by Chen Haibin, President of Zhejiang Health IndustryFederation and Chairman of Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Co., Ltd., Yao Shuling,Vice President of DIAN Diagnostics, Hou Jinyong and other leaders. In the genetown, Secretary Li Meng and the other leaders conducted in-depth discussionwith DIAN Diagnostics and a number of outstanding member enterprises ofZhejiang Health Industry Federation. The meeting was chaired by Long Li,Secretary-General of the Federation.

Chairman Chen Haibin signed the "Strategic cooperation agreement" with Health and FamilyPlanning Commission of Tongling City. According to the contents of theagreement, the two parties shall play their respective advantages, integratethe resources and have full cooperation, to carry out comprehensive andin-depth cooperation in the regional big health industry planning, jointconstruction of precision center , medical treatment, geriatric care andnursing integration, smart medical treatment cloud system platform, cloudmedical diagnostic center, medical partnership, Internet + health care,creation of biological and pharmaceutical high-tech industrial park, jointconstruction of specialty hospital, food safety monitoring and other aspects,to jointly build a big health industry platform with international leadinglevel.


Many cooperation projects signed this time also includesthe co-construction of precision center by DIAN and Tongling Municipal Maternaland Child Health Hospital and other projects. It is reported that thecompletion of the center will integrate the local medical quality resources,improve the level and quality of medical testing, to provide higher quality andmore convenient testing services to the regional medical institutions.

DIAN has been granted as one of the national first batchof tumor diagnosis and treatment projects - high-throughput gene sequencingtechnology clinical application pilot, and cooperated the American top medicalschool –Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Prof. Qi Ming, HumanGenetic Disease Expert, with advantages in the field of precision medicine and,pathology, to help the hospitals at all levels in Tongling City further improvethe level of medical technology in precision diagnosis of cancer, scientificresearch and technological transformation and other aspects, and enhance thequality of medical services.

In the future, DIAN will continue to take technologicalinnovation and business model innovation as the driving force for development,through continuous strengthening and upgrading of "Service + product"integrated industry model, continue adhering to customer and marketdemand-oriented, and actively cultivate diversified services and developmentmodel to meet medical needs of the general public and, benefit the people'slivelihood.

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