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Precision Diagnostic Technology Innovation - DIAN Precision Diagnostic Program Granted as National Key Research and Development Project during the "13th Five-year Plan"
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On Jun 2, theMinistry of Science and Technology and Health and Family Planning Commission ofPRC issued the "Notice on 2017 annual project arrangement publicity forthe key special projects of the national key research & development plan‘Precision medical research’ and ‘Reproductive health and major birth defectsprevention and control research’ " document. The "Tumor drug resistance genetics and epigenetic marker findingsand clinical solutions research" project jointly declared by Prof.Zeng Su of DIAN Diagnostics and Zhejiang University, Prof. Chen Shouqing’steam, Zhejiang Provincial Cancer Hospital, Fudan University and Hisun Pharmaceuticalwas granted the special project of national key research and developmentprogram during the "13th Five-year Plan".

In the clinicalapplication process, Antineoplastic drugs often produce resistance which causedthe result that the patient is no longer sensitive to the treatment, eventuallyleading to treatment failure, and even cancer recurrence. Therefore, anti-tumordrug resistance has become a major issue to be solved in the clinical cancertreatment urgently. The purpose of this project declared is to study the roleof drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters and drug target genetic andepigenetic variants in the mechanism of drug resistance of antitumor drugsusing the drug genomics In vitro gene testing methods, to identify the newtargets for treatment after drug resistance and establish drug resistance reversalprogram.


In 2016,"Genomics" development was included in the "13th Five-yearPlan" national strategic planning, and China's precision medicaldevelopment also entered the accelerated period. In the past two years, DIANdeployed the "Precision medical treatment" as an important strategicobjective around the core of domestic and international development of theindustry, adhering to the spirit of ingenuity and vertical deep plowing. At thesame time, DIAN closely combined the latest development trends in the medicalfield, strengthened internal and external cooperation, with the precisiondiagnosis as the center, technological innovation as the drive, to develop andtransform the application of new gene testing technology and mass spectrometrytechnology to enhance the medical laboratory service quality and clinicaldiagnosis and guidance performance. In the future, DIAN will give full play toits advantages of resource integration, and further promote the development ofprecision medical treatment in the country, so that the people can share thehealth equally!

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