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Continuing medical education (referred to as "CME" program for short) is a necessary means for the in-service public health technical personnel to take the initiative to meet the needs of health services, enhance the professional quality comprehensively, so as to achieve lifelong education and career development. Every intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel have the training needs to participate in the "CME". It is also the requirement of the national strong public health strategy to provide public health talent guarantee for the achievement of the national health reform and development goals.

As the first CME program truly sponsored by private medical institutions in Zhejiang Province, DIAN Diagnostics set up provincial "Continuing Medical Education" platform in 2012, embarking on the CME journey. From tests to the clinical, from provincial level to the national Class I credit continuing education program, DIAN is committed to the dissemination of the new ideas, new development and new dynamic information of the mutual promotion of testing technologies and clinical diagnosis to the massive laboratory and clinical medical personnel, to facilitate testing technologies to better provide important basis for clinical diagnosis, and effectively improve the application level of laboratory medicine in clinical diagnosis in China.

While holding continuing education programs and undertaking social responsibility, DIAN is also constantly improving the agenda and enhancing the quality of the program:

1. Huge faculty team of the learning class, adopting the combination of engaging senior scientific research personnel who are professional, proficient in teaching and experienced, middle-aged scientists who understand the business, policy and management, and young scholars who are professional, have scientific research ability and high academic qualification, to ensure that the program can be held successfully.

2. Currently the class model of the combination of "Field education and remote network education" has been formed to maximize the benefits. The contents of the program mainly include lecture on the characteristics of modern laboratories and the status quo of China's development, combined with the new knowledge and new progress of the laboratory science and other disciplines, to improve the knowledge level of intermediate and senior personnel, updating their original knowledge.

3. Relying on the laboratory management system qualification, experience and teachers, DIAN promotes and introduces quality management methods and experience.

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