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DIAN Academy

DIAN Academy is committed to becoming an incubator for DIAN's organizational evolution and personnel growth. With senior executives of the group, professors of the first-class business schools and professional trainers as the core teachers, the training programs of the Academy aim to enhance the management ability and professional quality of the personnel through the situation simulation, case study, flipped classroom and other teaching methods.

So far, the Academy has formed a training system based on training programs, covering the personnel from interns and new employees to senior management staff. Currently the main training programs of the Academy include: Bamboo Class, Eagle Class, Starlight Class, Three Pier Class, General Manager Class, Top Management Coaching Class, VP Learning Class and so on.

Vision of the Academy:

To become an incubator for the organization evolution and personnel growth of DIAN

Mission of the Academy: 

The highland of DIAN's strategic thinking

DIAN Organizational Reform Engine

DIAN Talent Cultivation Base

DIAN Cultural Transmission Platform

Goals of the Academy: 

Short-term goals: To build personnel training and development system, and construct the foundation for leadership development

Medium-term goals: 

To develop leadership, and promote the corporate strategic and organizational reform

Long-term goals: 

To establish self-evolution learning organization

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