About DIAN
    Chen Haibinchairman

    born in 1969 with Chinese nationality and no overseas permanent residency right. He obtainedthe Degree of EMBA of China Europe International Business School in 2014. In2001, he founded Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd., holding thepost of Chairman. He also acts as Zhejiang 11th CPPCC member, President ofZhejiang Federation of Health Industry and Chairman of Hangzhou Coalition ofService Industries. He successively won such honors as “APEA 2010 Emerging Entrepreneur”,“The Most Valuable President of Listed Company in 2012”, “The Most RespectedChairman of Listed Company in 2013”, “Zhejiang Merchant of the Year 2014” and “ExcellentHangzhou Merchant in 2016”.

    Chen ZuoxiuCEO

    born in 1956 with Chinesenationality and no overseas permanent residency right. He served as the General Manager of China District of Hong Kong Jia’anCompany from January 1991 to December 1993; he served as the Chairman ofHangzhou Dege Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. from January 1994 to November 2015;he served as CEO of Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd. Group from December 2016 up to now.

    Shen Lijunvice president,CFO

    born in 1969, Chinese nationality, with Chinese nationality, no overseas permanent residencyright, MBA. He served as the Accounting Manager, Supply China Director and FinancialAdministration Director of several subsidiary corporations of Swire Beverages;the Chief Financial Officer of COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Co., Ltd.; the GeneralManager of Financial Department of China Food; the General Manager of COFCO Coca-ColaBeverages Co., Ltd. (Xinjiang); the Vice-General Manager, CFO and Secretary ofthe Board of Beingmate Baby and Child Food Incorporated Company; the Group Vice-Presidentand CFO of Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Technology Co., Ltd. from June 2017 tothis day.

    Lou Xinyivice president,CHRO

    born in 1974 with Chinese nationality and permanent residencyright in the United State. He has obtained the degree of Master of Managementof Victoria University in Australia, EMBA of China Europe InternationalBusiness School, Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology of Suzhou Universityand Bachelor of Economics of Nanjing University. He served as the Director ofGlobal Human Resource Development and Senior Operation Officer in Asia of KEMETfrom April 2003 to April 2015 and he once held the management position in suchTop 500 multinational enterprises as BD Medical, Sheraton Hotel, SolectronTechnology and Black & Decker and provided consultant training service forsuch enterprises as L'Oreal, Alcatel-Lucent, TNT, Sony and AstraZeneca; heserved as the Vice-President and CHRO of Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics TechnologyCo., Ltd. Group from May 2016 up to now.

About DIAN



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